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...to CustomArcheryDotNet. My name is David Sinfield and I make bows and arrows.

This isn't my full time job. I'm an IT consultant and I make bows and arrows for relaxation and fun.

I have been making bows for a few years. I started because I fancied owning something that I had made that would shoot an arrow. Then I got hooked. I was making far more than I could possibly shoot (or even store.) Recently I have started taking commissions, in the first instance from friends and now it has expanded to friends of friends and I have even sold one on ebay.

The arrow making is a more recent venture. The real impetus came when a colleague asked me to make bows for himself and his daughter. I suggested that some aluminium arrows were his best bet because they are more durable and mendable in the event of accidents. In the face of his insistance I made him and his daughter half a dozen each. I buy the parts in dozens so I had 6 light and 6 heavy arrows left so I took a chance and put them on ebay. They sold and were well received. Out of the ebay listing I got several enquiries regarding bows.

New 18/06/07 I've not been keeping the site up to date as well as I should have so here's a quick update of some of the stuff I've been involved in:
I've been doing some instruction with Forest Knights And I've done some stuff with Dave Budd in his woods in Dartmoor
I've been involved in starting on a sister society to the SPTA to support atlatls and primitive bows Been doing some stuff with leather and knives like these  
Coming up in on 1st/2nd September a Primitive Archery and Atlatl have a go at Flag Fen Bronze Age Centre And I'll be working with Alan Sage in September helping with a bowmaking course.
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