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Disclaimer: These links are provided as is to help you find archery resources. They may cease to work, mail me and I'll get around to fixing it as and when.

You may not like what I've said about the sites I link to but it's my opinion and my webspace. In general I say nothing rather than having a rant, after all why should I pass traffic to sites I don't like. If you think I've been unfair in any way let me know, I might revise my opinion and I might not.

I can't be responsible for what you might find on these sites, or sites they might link to, their content is not under my control.

If you feel you'd like to link to me please do but only to the home page (http://www.customarchery.net). I'd prefer it if you didn't deep link or frame the site. I could prevent it programatically but I don't, it's too much effort and I'm sure you are nice people.

If you'd like to include a link to your site and I consider it relevant let me know and we can consider a reciprocal arrangement.