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Bow Care

Basic Bows

I work on bows most weekends and I can't remember the last weekend that I didn't have a commision to work on.

I make Traditional English Longbows and flatbows out of wood. No fibreglass, no plastic just wood and about 40 hours of work.

All bows are made to order and there will be a lead time of at least 5 weeks. Ill try to give you a realistic ETA at the time of ordering. All basic bows are 80.00. I can build for peak draw weights up to 60 lbs @ 28 and draw lengths up to 32. Contact me for junior bows; Im prepared to negotiate on price to encourage young archers.

Disclaimer: I do my best to deliver a bow that will last you for a long time. I spend a lot of time evening out the stresses during the tillering process and I shoot about 60 arrows before delivering the bow. It will also undergo more than 100 reverses as it is being built. On the other hand there are a lot of things that will break a bow though and they are mainly out of my control. Following the dos and donts will help. If your bow breaks in the limb I will be upset. I put a lot of work into the bows and I want you to get long term enjoyment from shooting them. I will not however accept liability for the breakage or any collateral damage that may occur.

Bows are serious weapons that have the potential to do lethal damage to anyone who is hit and the safety record of archery is a credit to the people taking part. While I give some safety tips, the responsibility of using the bow safely is with you. I hope you will do all you can to uphold the safety record. In the current climate of knee jerk politics it will take very little to force regulation on the sport and none of us want to see that.

Traditional English Longbows

  • 2 wood (hickory and lemonwood) or 3 wood (hickory, purpleheart and lemonwood laminates)
  • Rosewood or purpleheart arrow plate
  • Self nocks
  • Dimensions comply with BLBS (nocks do not)

Flat Bows

  • Self bows (lemonwood)
  • Laminated bows 2 laminations (hickory, lemonwood or hard maple) or 3 laminations (hickory, purpleheart lemonwood)
  • Self or decorative hardwood riser
  • Carved in arrow shelf

Jointed Flat Bows

  • Purpleheart or walnut riser
  • Lemonwood limbs
  • Hickory back