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I make wooden, feather fletched arrows. I take commissions and I sell them on eBay when I have overruns or I'm let down when someone orders them and doesnt want them when the time comes to pay up (this has only happened once, fingers crossed.)

I charge 25GBP per half dozen basic arrows. The UK P&P is 4GBP. I'm quite happy so send them elsewhere if you are happy to pick up the delivery costs.

I'm trying to bring all the options togethr in the arrow designer. It's still a work in progress (the order button still needs some work) but you can play with it and a least use it to decide on a colour scheme and email me a screen capture if you want to order arrows. I will get back to programming it soon, as soon as real work slows down a bit.

Ineveitably as there's only me putting the arrows together there is occaisionally a lead time in getting the arrows to you. For 6 it will usually be a week to order the materials and a week to make the arrows but I'll give you an ETA if you drop me an email.